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The Story Untold


An Exploration game where player needs to fix the world ,which has lost all the colors expect white and black. Its A 2-D plat former where player needs to find the power balls to switch between worlds as he goes through a Locked Down Restricted Area.White Resembles the worst future where as Black Resembles the Current Time. Its An Obstacle Based ,Single Player Story Game play .


Training Level And Cinema tics

Level 1 -  The Forest Of Consequences

Level 2 -  The Locked Downed Doom Zone

Level 3 - Upcoming... After IGDC

Team Members


Rishabh Gurung  :-  (Player &Level Mechanics)Programming &Level Design

Level 2- The Locked Downed Doom Zone

Instagram : R3habh.Gurung

FaceBook : llGrimReaprll

Linkedin : Rishabh Gurung


Maazin Manzoor  :-  Cinematic Design & Sounds,User-Interface and Programming

Level 0:-Training Level/Awakening And Intro

Instagram : iam_ayze

FaceBook : iamayze


Ranjeet Rathod  :-  Level Design and Light Programming

Level 1- The Forest Of Consequences

Linkedin : Ranjeet Rathod

Game Mechanics & Controls

Controls :-

 1. A/D /Left-Arrow/Right-Arrow- Move Player.

 2. Space Bar - Jump.

 3. Left-Shift - Glide (You Need To Have Some Velocity To Glide).

 4. Left-Ctrl - Detach From Walls/Un-grab Walls.

Game Mechanics & Tips :-

 1. Tap Jump Twice To Perform Double Jump - Tap Faster To Achive Higher Jump.

 2. Glide The Player Needs To Moving  With Some Speed.

 3. Rewind Time Only Rewinds The Time Back By 2 Sec Use it Wisely.

 4. Rewind Time Doesn't Effect Health Or Glide Reload Timer.

 5. Glide Has Cool-Down of 2 Sec.


Contact Me

Bangalore, IN

 1. Rishabh Kumar Gurung

 Email: rishabhgurung444@gmail.com

2. Ranjeet Rathod

   Email: weblightapp@gmail.com

3. Maazin Manzoor

 Email: maazinmanzoor@gmail.com


Glitch The Game 27 MB


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